“Laziness means more work in the long run.” —C.S. Lewis

It can be a battle every day between doing what’s easy and doing what takes effort.

Laziness tempts us each day. Eating what is quick to make but isn’t good for you, choosing to sleep in rather than exercise, worrying about what could happen rather than focusing on what you can do right now.

Effort is what can make the present harder, but can make the future easier!

Taking the time and effort to make the decisions you know are good for you:

  • You know what nutrition your body needs.
  • You know what type of movement your body needs.
  • You know what positive lifestyle factors your body needs.

Chiropractic care can be easy an easy lifestyle factor to put off until the pains of not doing what’s necessary demands the hard work of doing what should have been done already.

When life’s day to day demands outweigh your body’s ability to adapt to them, the necessity for chiropractic can arise.

Get ahead of life by not being lazy. By putting more effort and more energy into your wellbeing now, your future may thank you later!

What’s the antidote for laziness? Being industrious. Industrious can be defined as diligent and hard working.

Be industrious at being well. If you had to rate yourself every day whether you were lazy or industrious, aim for being diligent every day at becoming better for the benefit of the long term results you may achieve.

Don’t give up if you’ve had few bad days of laziness, start over and put the positives back in your schedule!