Your quality of balance, stabilization and movement are directly impacted by the neurological system.

Balance within your body is the coordination between your neurological system communicating with your joints and muscles. The balancing act of standing, walking, running and playing sports or activities requires harmony and synchronicity with this communication. Neurological communication sends messages and signals to muscles to contract and relax in order for overall coordination, stabilization and movement of the entire body to work as one unit.

Your spinal integrity influences the function of the neurological system due to the intimate relationship between structure and function. The spinal bones house and protect the nerves traveling to your entire body so the brain can properly coordinate function of the entire body to work together. If spinal integrity is less than optimal, specific parts of your body can be negatively affected due to the innervation from the nerve thats being affected due to dysfunction within the spine.

Chiropractic can have a positive impact on your wellbeing due to the relationship between structure and function that affect the neurological system within the spine. Chiropractic focuses on the innate intelligence within the body and the ability to have a higher quality of function through optimal spinal integrity.

Balance, stabilization and movement are all coordinated through neurological communication between brain and body. Optimal spinal integrity therefore can have an impact on your balance, stabilization and movement.

When you have proper structure within the joints that house and protect the neurological system, function can be positively impacted through your innate recuperate powers to heal and coordinate proper function.

Choose regular chiropractic care as a positive impact on your wellbeing!