Your physiology is amazing and each part of your body has a specific function that impacts your quality of life. ChiroWay is passionate about bringing awareness to the innate intelligence within the body that maintains the physiology in active organization which impacts your quality of life.

Active organizations like posture, balance, speech and emotions are all regulated by a part of your neurology called the “cerebellum” in the brain. The cerebellum is located at the base of the skull in the brain. Latin for “little brain,” the cerebellum is the second largest part of the brain.

Your posture impacts your quality of life! Bad posture can create muscle imbalances, while good posture can create a healthy environment for those muscles, your organs and even your mental state.

Your balance is one of the most important active organizations within the body! Why is that? The impact it plays goes beyond your performance in sports and hobbies, but it physically and mentally allows you to do all the things you do.

Your speech or phonological awareness is vital for your ability to communicate and even read.

Your emotional health is directly correlated to your thoughts, feelings and the action you take on a daily basis. Strong emotions can create stronger resistance to stress.

The cerebellum directs balance and movement through neurological mental impulses to the spinal cord and out to your muscles and joints, then from your joints back through the spine and up to the brain.

Your posture, balance, speech and emotions are all physiologically connected to your quality of life through the health and wellbeing of your neurology. Bring more awareness to your neurology, and the innate recuperative power of your body to function with it’s amazing physiology!

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