Out of all the adjustments you can make to your quality of life, what provides the most impact? What creates the results that are worth your time and energy to change from a negative state to a positive state?

Spreading your time and energy across multiple platforms to improve your quality of life may be leaving you spread too thin.

For instance, Olympic athletes focus on mastering one sport. They don’t spread themselves thin by trying to compete in swimming, track and skiing. They focus their efforts on one area.

You don’t have to be an olympian, and you don’t have to give up your healthy lifestyle, but you should take an account of what’s working for you, what’s not not worth your time and energy, and rid yourself of what’s not adjusting your quality of life to a higher degree.

Your daily adjustments to improve your wellbeing can be as simple as moving in the mornings, eating good foods and supplements throughout the day, taking breaks during your busy day, or regular visits to your chiropractor.

Your wellbeing journey does not have to be complicated. Simplicity is brevity. The above examples are not intended to be your prescription for health, but rather, they’re intended to show how simple your game plan to adjust your wellbeing routine can be.

“The key to making major swings of progress and success is to find those small hinges and focus on growing and improving and becoming the best at the world on those small hinges.” – Darren Hardy

Focusing on the small hinges or “adjustments” that will grow and improve your quality of life, staying consistent, and focusing on your goals with these habits can open the door to success. Double down on those key quality of life adjustments! Stay persistent and disciplined to receive the most benefit from them.

By doubling down on what’s working for you, you can create results that match your investment. You don’t need to double down on your quality of life adjustments in a risky manner, but rather, in an investment approach. Invest time, energy and understanding on how to get the most results from the positive habits you choose to specialize in!