“To expect the unexpected shows a thoroughly modern intellect.” — Oscar Wilde

Within your physiology is an unexpected inner potential. Unexpected potential that has the capacity to develop and transform into something in the future.

This ability to develop into something in the future can also be referred to as “healing.” Healing is the restoration of normal function from a dysfunctional state.

Physical, chemical and emotional stress can create physiological damage and dysfunction within our body on a daily basis. It’s been estimated that every minute of the day we have the capability to heal between 30,000-40,000 dead skin cells on the surface of our skin.* This is just taking place on the outer layer of your skin! Imagine how much healing is taking place throughout your entire body.

One viewpoint to expecting the unexpected with the human body is that wellbeing is a fundamental principle rather than fundamental pursuit when there is no interference.

What that means in simpler terms is that you have the inborn potential to heal back to a normal state if there is no interference in your body’s healing. Healing is a principle. Principles are fundamental truths that serves as a foundation for reasoning. Everyone has within them a potential to heal, some just have more potential than others.

When it comes to expecting health and wellbeing, do you expect the unexpected? Do you expect what’s been told to you by others? Do you not expect anything and simply don’t think about it?

Expecting the unexpected in the context of healing means you know that there is a potential for more health and wellbeing within you. One way to harness more of this wellbeing within you is to remove interference in the process of restoring of wellbeing.

When physiological damage has occurred within our body, restoration in balance involves the repair or replacement of cells, tissues, organs as a whole for normal function. This process requires constant communication between cells, tissues and organs with your brain. The brain and the neurological system coordinate the biological system as a whole. Neurological impulses and communication throughout your body occur innately and intelligently for overall balance and normal function to occur when free of interference.

Expect this unexpected process to occur within!