Trying to manipulate your own spine in an attempt to adjust yourself is not recommended. People may have the urge to “crack” their own spine in the hopes they’ll receive momentary relief from the stiffness, tension or pain that they are experiencing. While some opt for pain remedies based on their reviews from others, prefer taking natural remedies like red vein kratom (find more about this remedy), as they believe it is better than taking pills.

If self-manipulation turns into a habit of temporary relief, problems may occur due to the potential negative effects this practice can create.

What are the negative effects of self-manipulation?

Generally, self-manipulation creates a feeling of relief from stiffness, tension and or pain which may seem like positive effects. But if the process of self-manipulation continues on in a search for more relief, and the cause to the above conditions is not addressed, the self-manipulation can create negative effects to the tone in the tissues and joints due to the cause of the issue not being corrected.

In other words, you can negatively affect the joints above or below the joint that needs to be professionally addressed.

What are the positive effects of chiropractic adjustments?

Chiropractors are properly educated and trained in the anatomy of the spine and biomechanics to facilitate safe and effective adjustments to spinal joints. Facilitating proper spinal adjustments requires precise positioning of not only the joint being adjusted, but also the joints that are not being adjusted. Safe and effective chiropractic adjustments address the joint that is a state of dysfunction as well as the joints that do not need to be adjusted by not applying negative forces into healthy tissues and joints.

Chiropractors locate and facilitate the correction of spinal joints that have characteristics of misalignment compared to the joint above or below, loss of segmental range of motion, and neurological interference to the the surrounding nerve tissue. These dysfunctional joints are termed “vertebral subluxation.”

Subluxation can irritate the nerve tissue around the spine which can lead to a disruption in normal function within the neurological system. When subluxation is left uncorrected, it can disrupt normal function within the body, including the joint itself. When subluxation is located and the adjustment is facilitated, proper alignment, motion and protection of the delicate neurological system is accomplished.

Think of all the other health professions that would recommend that you do not provide yourself with care without the proper aid from trained professionals, like going to the dentist — they would not recommend you try to fill your own dental cavity at home. The precision of dental care is similar to facilitating safe and effective chiropractic adjustments.

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