We’d like to share 3 ChiroWay Statistics** with you, and the Values that helped us create these results, to help you learn more about us!

We grateful to have had the opportunity to accomplish the following at our ChiroWay locations* from 2010 to 2017:

Total Visits provided at ChiroWay: 423,107 Visits

Total Adjustments provided at ChiroWay: 2,087,896 Adjustments

Total Clients that have experienced chiropractic at ChiroWay: 11,822 Clients

ChiroWay is founded on core values that cultivate our attitude and act as a guiding principle to support these accomplishments. Values such as:

Honesty: in this highly competitive world, it’s refreshing to find a company that prides itself on its honesty, and prioritization of its clients’ needs.

Transparency: We provide services that are a simple concept to understand as well as explain. The thoughts, feelings and motives that drive our business and professional standards help create stronger relationships and provide an open door policy for current, potential and past clients.

Teamwork: Contemporary solutions depend on multiple ideas. ChiroWay was founded by our ability to work as a team in order to create solutions that meet and exceed our clients’ expectations.

Passion: We have a true passion for what we do. In order to provide the best services, products and solutions for our clients, we must always go the extra mile and cultivate passion in everything we do.

Optimism: Having an attitude that is always positive and looking for the good help us create solutions and resolutions that will be the foundation of our success.

Consider ChiroWay for regular chiropractic care to enhance your quality of life!

*ChiroWay Locations from 2010-2017 include: ChiroWay of Woodbury, ChiroWay of St. Paul, ChiroWay of Maple Grove, ChiroWay of Blaine, ChiroWay of Portland, ChiroWay of Brookfield, ChiroWay of Monticello, ChiroWay of Elk River, ChiroWay of Minneapolis, ChiroWay of Duluth

**Statistics are derived from the above locations from 2010-2017.

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