Your first branch of spinal nerve root (the C1 Nerve Root) is a segment of nerve that leaves the spinal cord and travels to certain parts of your body. Your C1 Nerve Root is one out of 31 pairs in your spine. Spinal nerves carry information within the body’s neurology for coordination of proper function within the body. On average, specific nerve roots supply neurological impulses to certain regions in your body.

Information conducted by your spinal nerves can be classified as motor, sensory or autonomic.

Motor information is movement, you moving your head to the right requires mental impulses to to travel through the brain and spinal cord and out the nerve root to the appropriate muscles to contract for the desired direction of movement.

Sensory information takes external stimuli and turns it into neurological impulses that relay back to your brain. For example, if you stub your toe on your bed, that creates a stimulus in your sensory nerves in the toe that sends information up your leg into your spinal cord to the brain in order for your brain to decipher the pain.

Autonomic information includes bodily functions that you have no physical control over, such as, heart rate, digestion and respiratory rate.

The C1 Nerve Root supplies neurological impulses for blood supply to the head, the pituitary gland, the scalp, bones of the face, the brain itself, inner and middle ear, and the sympathetic nerve system.

What’s the value of knowing where your C1 Nerve Root travels in your body? It can give you an idea of how intricate your neurological system is, and how it can affect the function of every part of the body by coordinating the tissues and organs the nerve is innervated with.

The spinal bones house and protect the nerves traveling to your internal organs so the brain can properly coordinate function of the tissues and organs. If spinal integrity is less than optimal, organs and tissues can be negatively affected.

Dysfunction in the spine can affect the entire body’s wellbeing due to the following principle: In order for the whole to be 100%, the parts making up the whole need to be 100%.

Chiropractic can help facilitate your innate recuperate powers to move towards wholeness through the application of the chiropractic adjustment. Chiropractic adjustments are centered on the relationship between structure and function that affect the neurological system’s ability to coordinate optimal wellbeing.

Choose regular chiropractic as a positive impact on your wellbeing!

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