Over the weekend, we had the opportunity to join with our fellow ChiroWay chiropractors for our annual Summit in Hood River, Oregon, and spend time at ChiroWay of Portland, owned and operated by Landyn Shanks, DC, before our time training in Hood River.

Throughout the conference, we were able to glean and sharpen skills from 10 different presentations lead by ChiroWay Tribe members. We’re taking this knowledge back with us to our 8 ChiroWay offices to help us even better serve our communities regular chiropractic care.

Here are the top 10 tools we learned that we’re taking back with us to share with our clients:

  1. How to cultivate our leadership skills to create a more inviting office culture.
  2. Education on chiropractic analysis to better serve our clients high quality care.
  3. Ways to utilize community engagement to increase awareness of ChiroWay so your friends and family can benefit from our chiropractic membership model.
  4. Time efficiency strategies so our focus can stay on the client and we can continue to provide you with positive adjustments.
  5. How to keep a consistently positive mindset that you will notice right when you walk through our doors.
  6. A deeper understanding of chiropractic philosophy so we can better communicate with our clients.
  7. Improving office operations to create an even better, convenient client experience.
  8. Social Media strategies to help us continue to build a positive atmosphere and community in our offices.
  9. Ways to better our communication skills with attentive listening.
  10. Inspiration to communicate with community members so we can build our Tribe of supporters.

We look forward to serving our communities high-quality, convenient and affordable chiropractic care in 2018, thank you for being a part of our ChiroWay community!

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