The short answer is no, but the long answer starts with yes!

We encounter stress in our lives everyday that causes subluxation in our spine. Vertebral subluxation decreases the communication, function, and performance within our bodies. By routinely visiting your chiropractor, you can remove these barriers and allow your body to express itself fully, like it was meant to, and help you to perform at your very best in all you do.

It’s about doing good for your body on a regular basis. What would happen if you only ate healthy once a month, exercised once a year, or slept once a week? All of these things you do on a routine, regular basis because they are good for you. They help keep your body performing at its very best, helping to make you the best version of yourself.

The same is true for chiropractic: you don’t need it, but you should want it for you and your loved ones!

Written by: Kaley Jacobsson, DC | ChiroWay of Monticello