It is common to see advertisements that feature professional athletes promoting their favorite brands.

But, as viewers, we can discern that the laundry detergent we use or the shirt we wear does not make us a better athlete, or bring our body’s function to the next level. Many of the famous athletes we see are born with an innate function. They combine this ability with rigorous training and a lifetime of commitment to their sport and their health to get them to where they are today.

When we relate this idea to chiropractic, we can look at the fact that a true way to help our bodies get in tip top shape is to remove interference in the nerve system. By removing this interference, we can allow for optimal function and communication of the innate forces that we have.

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Written by: Drew Fautsch, DC | ChiroWay of Maple Grove

The information in our articles are not intended to diagnose, mitigate or prescribe the use of any technique as a form of treatment for any physical conditions, symptoms or diseases. Directly consult with a qualified health care professional for any chiropractic or medical advice. In addition to the benefits of chiropractic care, one should also be aware of the existence of some risks. Risks associated with some chiropractic care may include soreness, musculoskeletal sprain/strain, and fracture. In addition, there have been reported cases of stroke associated with chiropractic care. Research and scientific evidence does not establish a cause and effect relationship between chiropractic care and the occurrence of stroke; rather studies indicate that people may be consulting chiropractors when they are in the early states of a stroke. In essence, there is a stroke already in process. However, you are being informed of this reported risk.