Strong Roots Support Robust Branches

We live in a world where we have multiple branches of expectations!

Family, friends, work, multiple jobs, exercise, groceries, dinner ideas, school, sports… we could carry on with this conversation for longer than what we have time to so what’s the point?

Deep down all we want is less stress, less anxiety and more than likely less demands.

Demands are real and they can weigh you down in multiple areas of your quality of life if your ability to adapt to the stress load is less than your physiology can handle.

How much can your well-being handle before it breaks? 

It depends.

It depends on your age, your state of condition and your response to the stress and demands. 

Face it, no two people are the same and not everyone can handle the same challenges you do. So stop comparing yourself to what the rest of the world is doing or asking from yourself and take a look inside to see whether the demands have turned into tension.

Our quality of life, state of condition or health is a three dimensional structure consisting of multiple areas within the body that are tied together in a state of proper tension in order for the whole body to be resilient to stress load. 

Stress can affect your physiology in multiple forms; physical, chemical or emotional thoughts that turn your tone into a bundle of tension and postural distortion that creates more tension in different parts of your body. 

Stop right now and ask yourself if your current state of condition represents a stable and resilient structure that’s adapting to the compression and weight of the demands that are being asked from it.

If you’re not sure whether or not you have too much tension on your physiology, schedule a consultation or stop by a ChiroWay today to discuss with a ChiroWay Chiropractor how a spinal analysis and evaluation of your state of condition can produce an effective report of whether or not you have too much tension on your nerve roots.

Spinal nerve roots exit your neck and back leaving the spinal cord and connect to all areas within your body. There are 31 pairs of spinal nerve roots. Eight pairs of cervical nerves exit the neck, 12 in the thoracic region or back, 5 in the lumbar region or low back and another  5 in the sacral region and one at the very bottom of the spine in the coccyx area. 

Each nerve root pair exits to the left and right of the spinal cord and connects to a specific body part. For example, cervical nerve roots exit out of your neck and connect to your thyroid gland plays an important part of growth, metabolism and energy levels. In the thoracic region nerve roots exit out of the spine to innervate your cardiovascular system. In the lumbar region nerve roots connect throughout your digestive system.

Compression to any of the spinal nerve roots can interfere with function of various body parts. All dependent upon the extent of the injury or compression of the nerve roots and like earlier stated, it all depends on the person who’s under the stress load and their ability to adapt to it. No two people are alike and no two injuries or stress loads are the same. Nerve roots are vital to overall well-being or a higher state of condition because they support coordinated function within your body allowing all parts to communicate and work together.

Very similar to how a tree trunk or the root system support vital supply for the entire tree leading out to the leaves and branches that produce the growth of the fruit of the tree. No tree can produce fruit when the roots are damaged.

Minnesota DNR states “If enough of the root system is destroyed or detached, the tree will die. As a general rule, 20% of the root system can be destroyed before the tree will show signs of injury. If 40% of the root system is lost, the tree will probably die.”

Our unique physiological make up compared to the tree is for educational purposes. It’s there for you to see the connection between the thyroid, cardiovascular system and digestive organs being the fruit and the spinal cord and nerve roots supplying those parts of the body with the vital energy necessary to create  a coordinated state of condition within the body. 

The information in this article is not intended to diagnose, mitigate or prescribe the use of any technique as a form of treatment for any physical conditions, symptoms or diseases. Directly consult with a qualified health care professional for any chiropractic or medical advice. 

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