How Chiropractic Care Can Better You In a Better Way!

“You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.” -Proverb

When hearing wise advice, it is usually guided by someone trying to help someone else do something that they themself have seen results in. When hearing wise advice on something you could take advantage of, it becomes a mental challenge to accept it. It takes courage to acknowledge our vulnerabilities and then do what we know needs to be done despite them. Simple solutions are difficult to process when in this mentality.

For example, have you ever been told to visit the Chiropractor by a friend or family member? This advice may have come up due to you experiencing a recent or past injury that isn’t resolving on its own. Or maybe, you have been led to the Chiropractor by your co-worker who stands firm in the results of raising their quality of life and performance at work and wants you to see the same. Regardless of why the conversation has been brought to your attention, step back and see the underlying goal this person is trying to make happen. They are attempting to lead you to water because they can see you are thirsty and could benefit from a new way of refilling your bucket of well-being through an adjustment to your current state of condition.

Not everyone will be ready to accept the wisdom that is being set before them. Some will refuse to drink the water simply because they are not ready for the truth. With that being said there are those who will listen and let their wisdom be absorbed within themselves.

There are plenty of people around us that could benefit from becoming better and that right there should motivate us as a community to inspire others to become better with simple solutions to reinvesting positive life-changing choices.

Better you, better way implies that because you have incorporated one positive choice into your lifestyle, you have seen a piece of your quality of life change for the better. For some people, it’s the way they feel. For others, it’s the way they function.

The majority, haven’t completely conceptualized all that’s changed for the better because they don’t get asked this question and are challenged to share the information that others need to hear.

The changes that we see from the positive lifestyle choices we make do not always line up with a direct cause and effect. I like to refer to these positive choices we make for our physiology as influencing factors. The positive choices we make for our physiology have an overall influence on our well-being from a holistic perspective. They impact that greater good in multiple areas rather than a linear impact.

There are trillions of cells in our physiology. Choosing to eat that apple every day may not be perceivable from the outside perspective. From the inside out, your body’s innate intelligence is using every ounce of that fiber in the apple to keep your blood sugar levels in balance which has a long-term effect on your cardiovascular and circulatory system without you feeling it or even perceiving it.

There are people around us that need restoration because they are physically compensating for the daily challenges and stress that are draining their physiology. Life is energy, and energy is never stagnant — it’s either moving in the favor of more expression or less with something physically repressing it.

The energy source of your well-being is how chiropractic can promote whole-body benefits. Focusing on the principle that your body generates and coordinates well-being through energy is a step in the direction of living life at a higher quality or state of condition.

With the brain being the source of your life energy, it sends energy down the spinal cord and then out to your entire body through the nerves. This cycle then repeats back from the body through the nerves up the spinal cord and into the brain. This cyclical flow of energy from the brain to the body and body back to the brain through your neurological system is how your trillions of cells work together physiologically.

One positive choice that millions of people make on a regular basis is visiting their chiropractor for a spinal evaluation for the detection and correction of vertebrae or bones that are physically contributing to neurological dysfunction or stress.

When any of the 24 vertebrae subluxate out of proper position and irritate rather than protect the nerves, interference in the transmission of neurological life-sustaining energy or impulses can occur between your brain and body. This is what chiropractors term vertebral subluxation. The correction of vertebral subluxation is accomplished through a chiropractic adjustment, similar to turning the dimmer up on the light switch allowing more light to shine.

“You can lead people to a life with more energy, but you can’t make them get adjusted.”

Chiropractic adjustments open up the circuit between the brain and body by creating less interference in the neurological system, allowing a normal function to occur throughout the entire body due to adequate nerve supply. Being free from vertebral subluxation will benefit your quality of life to the degree it’s affected by your neurological system.

Chiropractors help to promote more well-being through the application of chiropractic adjustments. ChiroWay can help you strive towards the best quality of life. A better you is the better way.