“Inside your body is an economy of the highest order. It is a market far more complex than that of all the nations of the world. At a speed faster than any computer could solve the necessary equations, your Innate Intelligence realizes the status of your entire body and propels the functional instructions to the tissue cells. The tissue cells alter function as directed thereby adapting the body to the environmental variations. This occurs every second of your life, awake or asleep. But how does this occur?”  -Rob Sinnot

Every day our bodies undergo a battle of keeping up with the demand and supply internally so that our expression of well-being externally can be optimal.

Life isn’t easy on our physical body or our internal physiology and the harm to our well-being from daily physical, chemical and emotional stressors are more real now than ever before.

Stress can alter your state of well-being from great to good and from good to average and from average to poor in shorter amounts of time now days than ever before. 

Our well-being is similar to a horizontal axis with a spectrum of complete wholeness on the right and lack of wholeness on the left.

Statistically speaking, 99% of us are conceived completely whole and vibrant with our physiology expressing an optimal state, but in no time the demand and supply of life on mother and baby can and does affect where we land on the spectrum of wholeness and well-being.

Just today I was given an opportunity to help a 10 week old baby experience a higher quality of life through a gentle chiropractic adjustment. 10 weeks old and you can already feel the minute stress accumulating in this baby’s spine as a result of normal living that our physiology is adapting to.

The great news is that we have an inner recuperative power that supplies the trillions of cells with restoration to a higher state of condition. This power is known as healing.

Healing is a state of demand and supply taking place on the horizontal axis of complete well-being through the restoration of injured cells.

With over 70 trillions cells working together internally for the expression of wholeness, if one, two or a trillion of those cells are unable to supply the body with its functions, demand takes place for the body’s innate intelligence to supply the appropriate forces of restoration or coordination for the greater good of the body.

Demand and supply within the marketplace of well-being is measured through a currence of forces and energy similar to a battery on your phone. When using an electronic device such as your phone that requires a battery to supply energy, the battery requires recharging or restoration on a daily basis due to the demand you put on it through use. 

The restoration from 50% to 100% can easily be monitored on your screen giving you an idea of the amount of demand you can place on it in a given amount of time. When the percentage hits 10%, you know that demand has to diminish in order for the supply to last a greater amount of time-let’s say for the last half of your day.

The ability to measure your battery supply is a great yardstick to measure how much demand you can place on it before restoration brings the energy supply back up again.

Unfortunately, our body does not have an energy percentage gauge for you to know how much demand is left to get through the day, month or year…

For most, pain is the gauge that people use to monitor how much energy is left in their body. The problem with this gauge is that pain is a poor yardstick to measure how much more demand can be placed on well-being.

Pain is a poor yardstick or indicator to measure how much more demand can be placed on your well-being due to the fact that pain is a system within the body that only gets triggered at the outer layers of maximum adaptation…or in other words when the battery level is nearing 10%.

If or when you experience pain, it means that the demand on your well-being is reaching its capacity for the inner recuperative power to restore you with enough supply to continue on the same trajectory of demand you’ve been placing on your physiology.

In other words, if you keep up with the pace you’re on, your battery will be depleted and you have more than half the day left to use your phone before you can recharge it again… 

If you’re using pain as a yardstick to measure when you should exercise, when you should visit the chiropractor, when you should get up out of the chair and go for a walk…you’re waiting too late. Too little too late is just as logical with the way we take care of our body as it was in the mid 1900’s when they coined the term in regards to diverting the stream into a corn field because the houses were already flooded. Don’t wait for the flood of dysfunction to occur in your quality of life and stop using pain as your gauge to how much more supply can be delivered do to the demand you place on your well-being.

Every second and minute of the day, your body, your kids body’s, and your family’s body’s are constantly striving for an ideal state of well-being by defending and adapting to physical, chemical and emotional stress. 

This power to be constructive and adapt to what is destructive is coordinated through your neurological system. Your brain and nerves send impulses to all parts of your body, keeping your biochemistry in a state of balance and ready for the next challenge through supply and demand.

If your quality of life is not keeping up with the demands you’re placing on your body, integrate ways to create healthier habits that promote vitality, well-being such as regular chiropractic adjustments.. 

Don’t wait till you experience pain such as back pain, neck pain or headaches to tell you that your outer limits of adaptation are being challenged by stress. Try taking a proactive approach to your quality of life through repetitive ways of keeping your internal energy high and free of physical interference-no different than charging your phones daily due to the demands of use placed on it during the day.

Trent Scheidecker, DC


Trent Scheidecker, DC | ChiroWay of Woodbury | Owner & Chiropractor
Trent Scheidecker, DC frequently visited his chiropractor when he was in high school and knew the benefits he experienced were worth the time and investment to become a chiropractor. He wanted to help his community experience a higher quality of life through regular chiropractic care. In 2010 Trent founded ChiroWay in Woodbury and since that time has served over 3,000 clients. He has been named “Best of Woodbury” in Woodbury Magazine seven times. Trent has also mentored colleagues in practice and franchised ChiroWay in 2012. Today, there are 8 ChiroWay locations throughout Minnesota.