“Adjustment means to bring into right relationship. This is what is being done in chiropractic: bringing vertebrae into right relationship.” —Joe Strauss

Have you ever walked out of your Chiropractor’s Center and asked yourself How Long Do these Chiropractic Adjustments Last?

Thats a great question and with it comes more clarity on how Chiropractic Care is a isn’t something done to you, but rather a way in promoting a higher quality of life from the inner recuperative power within you.

Its something you create through an interdependence on the Chiropractor’s ability to locate, analyze and facilitate the correction of areas within your spine that are out of relationship, vertebral subluxation.

Spinal bones are designed to protect the nerves through proper relationship with each other and the surrounding neurological tissue.

If you’ve lost that relationship and spinal integrity is less than ideal for a working relationship, neurological disturbance from vertebral subluxation can interfere with the body’s recuperative power-putting your well-being in a state of disharmony or dis-relationship.

Chiropractic adjustments facilitate proper relationship within the spinal joints, but how long the chiropractic adjustment last depends upon The Sixth Chiropractic Principle from the 33 Chiropractic Principles.

The sixth principle, “The Principle of Time”- There is no process that does not require time.

Within your body is the ability to self-heal, self-coordinate and self-function. Every second of your life, your body is in self-healing mode to get rid of the weak dying tissue and replenish with new healthy tissue, but that process requires time.

Vertebral subluxation is a state of condition that requires healing and restoration for the spinal neurodynamics to be in proper relationship, this healing and restoration requires time.

Depending upon on how long vertebral subluxation has been present and how long you’ve been receiving Chiropractic Adjustments will contributor factors in how long the adjustments last.

Chiropractic adjustments promote proper relationship within the spinal neurodynamics, which allows the neurological tissues to function optimal which intern allows the body’s inherent recuperative power to coordinate overall well-being and more self-healing.

The purpose of the Chiropractic Adjustment is to promote more restoration of the tissue within your body that needs healing, in order to hold the adjustment more effectively and in order to make the adjustment last longer-being proactive with your lifestyle choices including your Chiropractic Care will enable the adjustment to be more effective.

Being proactive with your lifestyle choices will allow the principle of time to work in your favor and enable you to hold the adjustments longer. Being proactive is “acting, creating, or controlling a situation that causes something to happen rather than responding to it after it has happened.”

So if physical, chemical and emotional stress can cause an environment for vertebral subluxation to occur, if you choose to act, create or control how you are adapting to those stressors-you’re being more proactive in making the adjustment last longer.

Being proactive of the circumstances of your quality of life so you’re adapting rather than compensating to stress requires constant attention to detail.

As a reminder, these can be the contributory factors for creating an environment for vertebral subluxation:

  1. Physical Stress. Physical stress can be defined as external invasive forces that are outweighs the internal resistive forces of the body to be in a state of balance.
  1. Chemical Stress. Chemical stress can be defined as external or internal chemicals that trigger physical reactions throughout the body, offsetting the chemical equilibrium or body chemistry balance.
  1. Emotional Stress. Emotional stress can be defined as internal emotional tension or mental strain that can produce physical responses throughout the body offsetting the chemical equilibrium or physical state of balance.

So, how do you know if your adapting or compensating to your stress and whether you’re holding the adjustment or need to be adjusted by a chiropractor?

The unique aspect to chiropractic is you’ll never absolutely know if you need an adjustment or how long your last adjustment has been holding, but if you’re being proactive manner,-your chiropractor will be able to tell you on your next visit.

The point of visiting your chiropractor is to let them decide through a proper evaluation and analysis for vertebral subluxation on the necessity for the chiropractic adjustment.

Malfunctioning spinal integrity can be asymptomatic and choosing to visit your chiropractor on a proactive basis based on stress levels will support the necessary adjustment which can promote greater results for allowing the adjustment to last longer!

Better structure within your spine means better function within the neurological system. Better function within the neurological system allows for the opportunity for a more optimal well-being within.

Visiting your chiropractor in a proactive manner will promote more holding.

Holding the chiropractic adjustment can be achieved with consistency and continuous care.

Regular chiropractic adjustments allows repetitive reinforcement on the ligaments, muscles and even structure of bones around the spinal cord and nerve roots to help reinforce proper relationship within the spinal neurodynamics.

Where do you need to start making positive decisions for yourself and loved ones?

Here are 5 proactive choices to invest in your well-being to promote holding the adjustment longer:

  1. Sleep: Early to bed, early to rise, a good night’s rest for recovery and healing.
  1. Nutrition: Fuel your body with real food, vitamins and nutrients.
  1. Movement: Take time to play, participate in sports, and move your body.
  1. Attitude: Think thoughts that produce positive action towards wellbeing.
  1. Adaptability: Master the breaking points to physiology and find ways to overcome or strengthen your resistance to stress-Chiropractic Adjustments being one choice for a greater chance of adaptability!

Now take your 5 proactive choices for a better you and start right now! Put them on your calendar and hit repeat. Look twenty years down the road from now and see your future self thanking you for investing into yourself and loved ones.

Well-being can be considered a fundamental principle rather than a fundamental pursuit, but that principle requires time.

Trent Scheidecker, DC


Trent Scheidecker, DC | ChiroWay of Woodbury | Owner & Chiropractor
Trent Scheidecker, DC frequently visited his chiropractor when he was in high school and knew the benefits he experienced were worth the time and investment to become a chiropractor. He wanted to help his community experience a higher quality of life through regular chiropractic care. In 2010 Trent founded ChiroWay in Woodbury and since that time has served over 3,000 clients. He has been named “Best of Woodbury” in Woodbury Magazine seven times. Trent has also mentored colleagues in practice and franchised ChiroWay in 2012. Today, there are 8 ChiroWay locations throughout Minnesota.