“The truly rich are those who enjoy what they have.” —Yiddish Proverb

Life is not full of roses and walks in the park. Life is hard and can be painful at times. When life’s demands create a painful quality of living, what you think and do about it can have an impact on your future quality of living.

Here are three steps to help take you from your current state to a position where you can thrive and function at ease.

1) Long Term Vision

Where you are is not where you’ll be, unless you stop pursuing a higher quality of living. Never stop investing into yourself and never lose sight of the truth that your current condition is temporary. Look at the principle that there is an innate recuperate force within us that coordinates the one hundred trillion cells in a state of harmony or normal function and it’s constantly striving for a higher adaptive condition. Take one step at a time towards the vision you hold for yourself to be in a higher state.

2) Learn From the Lesson

Most if not all times in struggles and painful circumstances, there’s a lesson to be learned. Your body has a supply and demand principle that can be used as a reference. Did you give your body enough of what’s necessary? Did you take too much from your body? Are your stress levels impacting your body? Look within to find the answer to the question of what may be causing your current condition.

3) Teach Someone Else What You Learned

Once you’ve mastered the long term vision of being in a better quality of living and you’ve learned from your lesson, teach someone how you got through it. Teaching others helps you reinforce the principle and leaves the world in a stronger place due to shared wisdom. Share your success so more can benefit.

3.5) Enjoy The Process

It’s not easy to enjoy the rollercoaster ride of life when you’re on the downward spiral of pains and aches may hide the light at the end of the tunnel. Gratitude is the emotion that expresses thankfulness and appreciation from a state of feeling that can help improve your mental, physical and relational wellbeing.

Enjoying where you are now can help you get to where you are able to go.