Earlier this month, ChiroWay of Maple Grove, owned and operated by Drew Fautsch, DC, celebrated 5 years in business serving the community regular chiropractic care.

Over the last 5 years, Drew Fautsch, DC, has strived to provide excellent care and chiropractic education, “By educating the public on how important chiropractic is for their families, we can create an amazing environment within ChiroWay that makes us a perfect fit for all of our clients,” Drew states.

When Drew opened his office in Maple Grove in 2012, the amazing energy in the area with a young growing community that cares about their health created the perfect place to open a ChiroWay Center.

Drew has had many successes and triumphs over the years, but none greater than helping families grow and stay healthy, and to see how many clients continue to utilize chiropractic services at ChiroWay and get their spines checked on a weekly basis.

Drew Fautsch, DC, aims to connect with each person who steps into ChiroWay by listening to them and recognizing that everyone is different. This is something that contributes to creating an environment that is warm and welcoming.

What does the future hold for ChiroWay of Maple Grove? Drew states, “My vision is to continue to grow and provide our clients with the best chiropractic care I can. I can see a shift in how people see chiropractic in our community, and every week there are more and more people who utilize it on a regular basis!”

Congratulations to Drew Fautsch, DC, on his success in the last 5 years. We wish you continued triumphs as you grow your practice and serve the community of Maple Grove!

ChiroWay provides regular chiropractic care to the community of Maple Grove in a convenient and affordable membership model. Interested in learning more about our services? Visit ChiroWay.com to check out membership plan details and location specifics for ChiroWay of Maple Grove.