We all experience stress and handle it in our own way. Stress can come from home, work or even your hobbies! How we react to stress is the difference between living to our fullest or letting life get the most of you.

When we strive to live to our fullest, it can create greater growth and progress. Progress is what separates those who feel fulfilled and satisfied from those who feel uncertain and dissatisfied.

Based on Albert Schweitzer’s quote, “Happiness is nothing more than good health and a bad memory,” making progress towards an optimal state of wellbeing can be broken down into three key areas: happiness, health and a positive mental attitude.

1. Happiness

Happiness comes from within. You have the power inside yourself to feel grateful for what you have. The word “happy” originates from the word lucky. Feeling lucky after winning a prize you never thought you would win is what happiness can feel like.

2. Health

Health is something you can add to, or take away from, but you can only find it from within. What that means is that you are responsible for your health. You need to cultivate your health like you would a garden. It’s something that requires attention on what weeds are accumulating or how much water is being added. Take the time to learn about your health and care for it.

3. Postive Mental Attitude

Life may give you lemons, but you can make lemonade out of it if you have the right positive mental attitude. This is profound when it comes to how stressful and challenging life can be. Find a book, mentor or group of people that help lead you towards a positive mental attitude.

Want even more wellbeing? Chiropractic can create more happiness, health and a positive mental attitude through creating an environment in your body’s own powers of recuperation and healing.

Regular chiropractic care can be a part of your wellbeing journey towards a higher quality of life!