“The two most important days in your life are the day you’re born and the day you find out why.” – Mark Twain

We all have a WHY.

Your WHY can be a purpose or cause that motivates you on a daily basis to get up out of bed.

Your WHY can help you make choices that move you towards reaching goals or a higher quality of living.

Your WHY is important, so make sure you take care of it by taking care of yourself. By investing in your wellbeing, you can invest into others and live a life full of purpose and passion.

You can only drive the car as far as the gas tank can take you! When you run out of gas, the engine is going to stop working.

In a similar way, your body requires a constant refilling of the necessities of life. As you run your body for the purpose or cause that motivates you, find the fuel that your body is asking for to continue the journey.

Under drastic conditions, your body can survive 3 weeks without food, 3 days without water, 3 minutes without air and 0 seconds without a neurological supply of forces to the vital organs and tissues of the body.

Refuel your WHY by investing back into your body with the food, water, air and healthy neurological system it needs to recuperate from the miles of living taking place.