At ChiroWay, our mission is to open doors to the community that allow infants, children and adults the ability to experience regular chiropractic care.

One of the ways that we do this is through our affordable and convenient chiropractic membership plans.

So why do we provide membership model chiropractic care? 

We’ve designed this model so that more people can receive chiropractic care on a consist basis and experience the benefits that regular care can provide.

Features of ChiroWay’s Membership include:

1. Convenience

By offering plans in a membership model, we are able to provide you with chiropractic care that is convenient. No need to make an appointment ahead of time. After your first visit, you just drop in during our open hours and receive a chiropractic evaluation and adjustment. Through membership chiropractic care, you can more easily fit chiropractic into your lifestyle rather than fit your lifestyle into chiropractic.

2. Affordability

Our membership model is an affordable option to receive chiropractic care on a consistent basis, and can be a great option for individuals as well as whole families to increase their quality of life. With our monthly plan, you have access to four visits you can use throughout the month, with an affordable rate provided for additional visits over four. ChiroWay’s membership allows us to keep rates affordable so you can continue benefiting from consistent chiropractic care far into the future.

3. Local Ownership

Each ChiroWay location is individually owned and operated by licensed chiropractors. When you visit a ChiroWay, you are supporting a small, locally owned business. When you are adjusted at our ChiroWay offices, you are served by licensed chiropractors who are involved and invested in the communities they reside in. Our membership models allow us to serve members in a way that positively impacts our communities.

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