Many people set goals, but quickly get interrupted with life’s demands and are unable to complete what they set out to do. Do you want to help ensure you reach your chiropractic goals? Here are a few of our recommendations:

  • Commit. Review the week ahead and commit to a day and time that you’ll visit your chiropractor, then write it down. Plan out your month and set a goal that you’ll make your appointments regardless of what comes up! Get this appointment added to your electronic calendar and don’t check if off until you’ve completed the task.
  • Cooperate. You only have one body, and each visit to the chiropractor helps enhance your well-being and can create a positive impact. Cooperate with your chiropractor’s professional recommendations for your frequency of care, it’s in your best interest to stick with it!
  • Consistency. Including regular chiropractic care into your lifestyle helps create a consistent habit that is worth keeping. The habits we keep make us or break us, and regular chiropractic care is an investment into your future self.

The key to staying on track with regular chiropractic care is in the planning as much as showing up for the adjustment. The most crucial part of keeping your appointments with your chiropractor is setting a goal for frequency of visits per week or month and holding yourself accountable.

Utilize these three steps to help increase your quality of life with regular chiropractic care for the next 60 days and you’ll see the goal get turned into a routine.

See you this week for your adjustment!

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