Children encounter obstacles and stress in their lives on a daily basis. Chiropractic recognizes three categories of stress that can affect your children at a young age: physical, emotional and chemical. Here are a few examples:

Physical Stress: Constant physical demands can create a negative compound effect on your wellbeing.

  • Waking up in time for the day’s activities without getting the amount of sleep they need to recover from yesterday’s obstacles.
  • Carrying a book bag that weighs more than their parents briefcase before they sit on a hard, wooden seat all day as they learn to read, write and do arithmetic.
  • Arriving home from school with low levels of energy which creates opportunity for them to sit, rather than move the body, to watch a show or play video games.

Chemical Stress: Drinking, digesting, or breathing in substances that can create internal damage to your wellbeing.

  • Eating a quick, low nutrient based breakfast to start the day.
  • Drinking a sweet drink or snack when they get home from school to get them through the next couple hours of homework, chores, or being with friends.

Emotional Stress: Thinking or experiencing negative or worrisome thoughts can impact your wellbeing.

  • During breaks at school, facing social demands when it comes to relationships with classmates or finding someone to sit with at lunch.
  • Feeling stressed to perform well in classes, sports, or extracurricular activities.

At ChiroWay, we are here to give you and your children the opportunity to experience a higher quality of life through regular chiropractic care.

Children’s bodies have an amazing ability to adapt to stress, but as the demands and expectations increase in their life, they will need to cope with an increase of stressors just like adults do.

We can’t rid the lives of our children from stress, but we can utilize tools to make them stronger and more resilient to the demands and obstacles they encounter daily. Chiropractic care can be one tool to help your children experience a higher quality of life.

A specific and gentle chiropractic adjustment can help rid the body of vertebral subluxation, restoring proper structure within the spine which can help allow the neurological system to function properly.

Consider regular chiropractic care for your children as one proactive choice to help cope with life’s demands and obstacles!

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