Slipping can be defined as a change to a lower, worse, or different condition, that typically occurs in a gradual or imperceptible way.

When we hear slipping, we may think of slipping and falling on ice. This is certainly one way you can change to a lower or worse state, but there’s another form of slipping we should keep in mind as it can happen to your state of function or wellbeing without a slip and fall on the ice.

Slipping from a complete state of wellbeing to a state of disharmony or dysfunction can occur without any signs or symptoms to warn you. This can happen due to the daily demands and stress that combat the body’s innate forces that try to keep your cells and tissues in a state of harmony.

When external invasive forces outweigh the internal resistive forces, you can slip to a lower quality of function without any perceptible way of knowing it.

When stress and demands gradually lower your quality of life, your chiropractor can check the spine to determine if care is necessary to move you from a lower state of function to a higher quality of wellbeing. This is accomplished through restoring proper spinal integrity, which can enhance the innate recuperative power of the body to function at its optimal potential due to the relationship between structure and function that is coordinated by the neurological system.

Here are a few questions that can help you determine your current state of wellbeing:

  1. I feel like I get enough sleep and wake feeling well rested: ___ Never ___ Sometimes ___ Always
  2. I eat nutritious meals that fuel my body and give me energy for the day: ___ Never ___ Sometimes ___ Always
  3. I exercise on a regular basis: ___ Never ___ Sometimes ___ Always
  4. I am evaluated for the necessity of chiropractic care: ___ Never ___ Sometimes ___ Always

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Consider regular chiropractic care to help combat the slipping of your wellbeing!