Welcome to ChiroWay!

On this first visit, we will:

  1. Answer any and all questions you have and ask questions for you to answer so we can get to know you better.
  2. Review and sign our terms and conditions that will disclose the scope of our practice at ChiroWay.
  3. Review and sign our informed consent that will disclose the responsibilities of the chiropractor, limitations of chiropractic, reasonable benefits to be expected and risks associated with care.
  4. Review and sign our privacy policy that discloses how health information about you may be used.
  5. Orientate you to our philosophy that is the foundation to the benefits of each chiropractic adjustment.
  6. Prove a chiropractic evaluation, adjustment and presents report of findings and recommendations on how to best benefit from our services.
  7. Conclude with finding the right membership plan for you.

To start, please fill out this brief questionnaire. These questions will help us get to know you, your health background and where you're at in your understanding of chiropractic care and our services at ChiroWay. Please fill out each answer to the best of your knowledge.