“We can show up as victims or we can show up as leaders.” —Robin Sharma

Regardless of where you are right now with your quality of life, you have two approaches to go through life: you can choose the leadership route or victimhood.

Life constantly throws difficulties towards us, so whether you’re fighting a cold today or your trying to lose weight, you have the power to choose the route of responsibility or being a victim.

If you choose the route of leadership, you’re taking personal responsibility for your current state of condition and affairs.

If you choose victimhood, you’re providing excuses, pointing fingers, and you’re giving up your personal responsibility for blame.

We have the power to choose.

No one is perfect and we’ve all been in situations where it’s easier and more logical to point the finger the other direction. For those who are ready for a change in your quality of life, try not point the finger, but instead, take responsibility.

Being responsible for one’s own health and wellbeing is no easy task. We are constantly faced with choices that will either build up our wellbeing or tear it down. Do you wake up early for the gym or sleep in and say you’ll go tomorrow? Do you choose the foods that fuel or body or the quick fixes that may not be the healthiest?

Use your daily obstacles to build strength and energy to increase your quality of life.

Resistance builds strength in the gym. Similarly, obstacles in life can build a stronger you when you accept responsibility. When you go to the gym, you build strength by challenging yourself: to add an extra rep or higher weights. You go to the gym to increase your resistance. Resistance builds muscle in the gym and in your daily life.

Look at obstacles or challenges that you’re confronted with as an opportunity to become responsible for taking the stress and turning it into positive situation. Situational stressors can be your barbells for a higher quality of life.

Take responsibility as the person who can make the situation better and choose a leadership route towards a higher quality of life!