What have you heard about chiropractic? What’s your understanding of it? What have you experienced from it?

A common answer? It has something to do with the back or neck, adjustments take place, and people generally report feeling better after the adjustment.

Do you know why? Do you know why chiropractic has a focus on the back and neck?

A common answer? Yes, alignment.

Alignment is part of the reason why, but not the entire position.

The practice of chiropractic has a focus on the relationship between structure and function: the structure of the spine and the function of the neurological system. This structure-function relationship has an affect on your wellbeing that creates the position of chiropractic. A position statement is a viewpoint or thesis to describe one side of an arguable viewpoint, in other words, what you stand for.

The position of chiropractic is that “there is an inherent recuperative power within the body to heal itself.”

Your body has an innate characteristic of restoring health or strength. It naturally wants to heal damaged cells and tissues. Sometimes too much damage has occurred to the cells and tissues within the body and, therefore, healing is limited. In this case, consulting with the appropriate health care provider is recommended. Chiropractors recognize limitations of healing and practice with the responsibility of working in cooperation with other health care providers for the best interest of the client.

Just like limitations to healing based on the extent of the injury or trauma, so too can there be limitations to healing due to interference in the neurological system at the spinal cord level.

The power to heal the body utilizes the neurological system to coordinate and direct the trillions of cells working together towards an optimal state of wellbeing. Your highest quality of wellbeing is directed by your neurological system through communication of mental impulses from the brain to the body and the body back to the brain through the nerves. This process needs to be free of any interference in order for an optimal state of communication and increased wellbeing to take place.

The practice of chiropractic focuses on the spine (back and neck) due to the intimate relationship the bones of the spine have with the neurological system, which is the structure-function relationship that was mentioned earlier. The structure or alignment of your spine affects the function of the neurological system.

The power within the body to heal back to an optimal state of wellbeing is coordinated through the neurological system, and the ability for the neurological system to function is affected by the structure or alignment of the spinal bones or vertebrate.

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