This week, Minneapolis Skyway Chiropractor Tom Stecker, DC, celebrates 7 years in business serving regular chiropractic care at ChiroWay.

Tom grew up in Waukesha, Wisconsin and knew he wanted to be a chiropractor from a young age. He left Waukesha in studied kinesiology and chemistry at the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire and continued his chiropractic education at Northwestern Health Sciences University in Bloomington, MN, graduating in 2012. As his understanding of chiropractic grew, he saw the benefits of chiropractic not just for pain but for being and staying healthy. After two years of learning from his mentors, he knew it was time to start his own practice allowing him to help more people.

When Tom looked at what type of office he wanted to set up someone suggested that he “provide the type of care you would give to your friends and family.” Being a part of ChiroWay allows Tom to do just that and he is committed to giving people affordable and quality chiropractic care.

ChiroWay offers convenient, affordable and locally owned chiropractic care with membership pricing and no appointments needed. ChiroWay strives to make it easy and convenient to fit chiropractic care into the busy lifestyles of individuals and families.

Congratulations to Tom Stecker, DC, on all you’ve accomplished the last 7 years!