Each chiropractic adjustment is as unique as your fingerprint! With this statement in mind, we created a poster to show the individuality of the member base at ChiroWay of Woodbury. Throughout our Open House Week at ChiroWay of Woodbury June 18 – June 22, hundreds of members stamped their fingerprint onto our ChiroWay Family Tree Poster.

This project can be seen as a rendition of the depth and breadth of the community we have the opportunity to serve at ChiroWay. An appreciation for individuality and normal function is a foundation to ChiroWay’s viewpoint to wellbeing.

With each spinal evaluation, the chiropractors facilitate specific and unique adjustments according to the individual’s needs at that time. No two people experience the same chiropractic adjustment, just like no two people have the same finger print. Even identical twins have different finger prints! The same concept for the specific and unique adjustment can be applied to identical twins under chiropractic care.

Each chiropractic adjustment influences your body to function in a state of wholeness by assisting in the removal of neurological interference. This interference is what our chiropractors focus on and refer to as vertebral subluxation.

When we are free from vertebral subluxation, our wellbeing can benefit to the degree that the subluxation is affecting our neurological system. This is due to the fact that all parts of our body work in union with each other through the control and coordination of the neurological system. In order to function at our whole potential, each part of our body must be working in its optimal state.

Enhance your inner potential and include chiropractic care as a part of your routine!