Did you know, an expecting mother’s wellbeing can influence the development of baby’s neurological system?

This influence can be positive or negative.

If mother has chemical stressors in her lifestyle such as drinking, smoking or even the flu, baby’s neurological system can be negatively impacted.

If mother makes healthy lifestyle choices like good nutrition, exercise and rest, the baby’s development can flourish.

With more awareness of the necessity of positive health investments for expecting mothers comes more opportunities for baby’s development to benefit.

One investment expecting mothers can benefit from is regular chiropractic care.

If life’s stress and demands become too much for mother’s ability to adapt, dysfunction can occur within the spine, which chiropractors term “vertebral subluxation.”

When vertebral subluxation is present within the spine, there can be less than optimal function within the body due to the relationship between structure and function that is coordinated by the neurological system.

A specific and gentle chiropractic adjustment can help restore the state of dysfunction in the spine to proper function.

This healthy investment for expecting mothers can be another opportunity for a higher quality of life through those three trimesters.

Consider chiropractic as a positive impact on your physiology!