This week, Elk River Chiropractor Blake Bredeson, DC, celebrates 7 years in business serving regular chiropractic care at ChiroWay.

In November 2014, Blake graduated with his Doctorate of Chiropractic from Northwestern Health Sciences University. During his final year of chiropractic school, Blake was introduced to ChiroWay where he saw the positive impact that regular and affordable chiropractic care had on people.

Owner and chiropractor Blake Bredeson, DC decided to open his own ChiroWay in 2015 because of its simplicity. The practice model that ChiroWay provides is one that he saw himself utilizing for chiropractic care, as well as the type of care he would want to provide his family.

Over the years, Blake has sought to give his clients an excellent and personalized experience at his practice, ChiroWay of Elk River.

ChiroWay offers convenient, affordable and locally owned chiropractic care with membership pricing and no appointments needed. ChiroWay strives to make it easy and convenient to fit chiropractic care into the busy lifestyles of individuals and families.

Congratulations to Blake Bredeson DC, on all you’ve accomplished the last 7 years!