When gardening, it’s important to remove weeds and water the soil throughout the growth process to help cultivate healthy environment so the plant can develop to be strong and vibrant.

This is similar to the premise behind regular chiropractic care for your child. By removing vertebral subluxation at a young age, it can promote optimal function, and in turn, a healthier and stronger body as they grow up. If vertebral subluxation is present in your child’s spine, it can negatively affect their general health and function.

This departure from normal function can occur with or without symptoms. Your child does not need to have a symptom to indicate whether or not vertebral subluxation is present, and can benefit from chiropractic regardless of any symptomatology.

Experiencing chiropractic care before symptoms are present is a common, proactive approach to health care just like brushing your teeth, exercising and eating healthy can all encourage a higher quality of life.

Investing into your child’s health with regular chiropractic care can cultivate the opportunity to grow up more vibrant, healthier and stronger. Ask your ChiroWay chiropractor about kids and chiropractic today!

Written by: Trent Scheidecker, DC | ChiroWay of Woodbury

The information in our articles are not intended to diagnose, mitigate or prescribe the use of any technique as a form of treatment for any physical conditions, symptoms or diseases. Directly consult with a qualified health care professional for any chiropractic or medical advice. In addition to the benefits of chiropractic care, one should also be aware of the existence of some risks. Risks associated with some chiropractic care may include soreness, musculoskeletal sprain/strain, and fracture. In addition, there have been reported cases of stroke associated with chiropractic care. Research and scientific evidence does not establish a cause and effect relationship between chiropractic care and the occurrence of stroke; rather studies indicate that people may be consulting chiropractors when they are in the early states of a stroke. In essence, there is a stroke already in process. However, you are being informed of this reported risk.