Our well-being is based on the decisions we make. It’s estimated that, on average, we make 35,000 decisions per day. Think about that, our capabilities within our physiology are amazing and the more we understand the potential that resides within us, the more we can capitalize on how to become better. 

Should I do this, or that? Should I eat this, or that? Should I think this, or that? Should I believe this, or that? 

Our daily behavior is met with over 35,000 opportunities to act, feel and believe in what will bring the least amount of conflict. This process of opposition, conflict and inconsistency is creating opportunity for you to do what’s easy now by choosing the route of what’s been consistently done before.

Jim Rohn says it best, “do what’s easy now and life will be harder later, do what’s hard now and life will be easy later.”

This process of choosing to do what’s been done before because it turns inconsistency into consistency can work for you if the choices being made are producing favorable results. Most of the time to produce favorable results, the choice needs to be to do what’s hard now in order to allow time, repetition and consistency to turn it into a new habit or routine.

Results are the name of the game and in the great words of Vince Lombardi, “Winning is not a sometime thing…it’s an all the time thing. You don’t win once in a while… you don’t do the right thing once in a while… you do them right all the time. Winning is a habit.” Making decisions to produce results that are favorable for you to win in the challenges and demands of this life should be the game plan and if your coach is Vince Lombardi, looking at making the right decisions as a habit will produce outcomes that favor your behavior.

In order to know if your choices are setting you up for a habit of winning, we need to take into consideration that standards of living are different for everyone and where you are now, and where you need to be tomorrow should be evaluated with a state of awareness. This consciousness of asking yourself if the choices being made are moving you forward or moving you backwards due to the constant flux of stress and demands that are placed on our physiology.

Our happiness is a dance between inconsistency and consistency. Being aware of the fact that sometimes the decision needs to be made to move you towards a new inconsistent habit will produce greater consistent results in the long term. Find the areas in your life that have been consistent, but lacking results you know that should be there and produce a new decision to do it differently next time.  It will be hard at first, but over time the inconsistency turns into consistency. When you conquer these contradictory decisions into consistent ways to resolve them into new consistent actions, feelings and beliefs-you will experience a new sense of happiness and awareness for Your Self-Healing Superpowers.

The more decisions like this we make to do something new that is inconsistent, the greater the opportunity to turn it into a new habit and new you!

Regular Chiropractic Care is about consistency and consistency is a key to success in more programs, training or practice towards mastery. 

One consistent choice you can make that can enhance your quality of life is visiting a Chiropractor on a regular basis. When utilizing Regular Chiropractic Care, your focus tends to go towards the potential benefits that await for you as the reward rather than focusing on the low hanging fruit for today’s apple. 

Focusing in on consistent Chiropractic Adjustments with respect to the ups and downs to how the body is expressing states of feeling allows the inner recuperative power of the body to consistently generate and coordinate a higher state of well-being. Consistent states of more well-being allows for greater ways to adapt to stress which in turn allows your well-being to not be drained or lost due to the demands of the day to day stress.

Trent Scheidecker, DC


Trent Scheidecker, DC | ChiroWay of Woodbury | Owner & Chiropractor
Trent Scheidecker, DC frequently visited his chiropractor when he was in high school and knew the benefits he experienced were worth the time and investment to become a chiropractor. He wanted to help his community experience a higher quality of life through regular chiropractic care. In 2010 Trent founded ChiroWay in Woodbury and since that time has served over 3,000 clients. He has been named “Best of Woodbury” in Woodbury Magazine seven times. Trent has also mentored colleagues in practice and franchised ChiroWay in 2012. Today, there are 8 ChiroWay locations throughout Minnesota.