Choosing your chiropractor is an important decision, as this partnership is one that can influence your health. A strong professional relationship between both parties is a key factor to your health and experience, one that may possibly influence the wellbeing of your friends or family should they decide to join you in your pursuit of a higher quality of life.

We wanted to know why our ChiroWay Community members support our chiropractors, so we reached out to two of our clients, Dustin and Melissa, and asked why they choose ChiroWay for their chiropractic care. They responded back with the following reasons:

“We choose ChiroWay for our chiropractic care for a few reasons. First, we enjoy the convenience of not needing an appointment, it’s difficult to schedule things with a baby and the walk in style works for us.

Second, we firmly believe in ChiroWay’s mission. We believe that chiropractic helps us have a higher quality of life and that seeing our chiropractors weekly is far superior to going to a chiropractor on occasion. The subscription billing allows us to do this at a reasonable price.

Last but not least, we enjoy seeing everyone in the office. Whether its us being greeted at the front desk or by our chiropractor before the adjustment, they always call us by name! That type of service and personal connection just doesn’t exist anymore and it’s a shame, it should!”

Written by: Trent Scheidecker, DC | ChiroWay of Woodbury