In a world where wellness and preventative healthcare have become more important than ever, ChiroWay has reached a significant milestone that speaks volumes about its dedication to community health and chiropractic care. This year, as we mark the 14th anniversary of ChiroWay, we are thrilled to announce not just a year of continued passion and service but the expansion to 13 open chiropractic centers, with more on the horizon.

From its humble beginnings with a single location started in Woodbury, Minnesota by Trent Scheidecker, DC-ChiroWay has blossomed into a franchise network of 13 centers with more on the way. Each ChiroWay Center is owned and operated by licensed Chiropractors, making this network of practices a collaborative effort to open doors in communities to allow people to experience regular chiropractic care. This remarkable growth is not just in numbers but in the thousands of chiropractic visits it represents—each visit is an opportunity to enhance well-being and support a salutogenic approach to achieving a higher quality of life. 

A Vision of Empowerment and Support

At the heart of ChiroWay’s expansion is Founder Trent Scheidecker, DC, whose vision is to support chiropractors with the tools they need for success in their practice. This foundation of franchisee’s support and collaboration has allowed ChiroWay to flourish. Trent Scheidecker, DC, reflects on the past 14 years, stating, “Our growth is a testament to the synergistic efforts of our entire franchise. Every chiropractor in our franchise shares our values of honesty, optimism, passion and efficiency for providing the highest quality care to our clients. This dedication to working together drives our success and fuels our expansion.”

The ChiroWay Difference 

What sets ChiroWay apart in the chiropractic industry is not just its rapid growth but its unique approach to care. Each ChiroWay center is built on the principle of making regular chiropractic care accessible and convenient for individuals seeking to improve their well-being. Clients of ChiroWay enjoy a unique self-pay, affordable subscription model that allows for accessible and consistent care, a crucial factor in the effectiveness of chiropractic services. This innovative approach has not only democratized access to chiropractic care but has also cultivated a large, committed community of clients who recognize the value of maintaining their spinal integrity. Client feedback further demonstrates the value delivered through ChiroWay’s model. One satisfied customer shares their experience, stating, “Dr. Trent and Dr. Matt provide effective adjustments every time! I feel like a renewed person after every quick and efficient visit. The adjustments are a game changer that allows me to feel and think at full capacity daily!! If I could give ChiroWay 6 starsI would give them 10!”

More Than Just an Expansion

The announcement of reaching 13 centers is more than a milestone—it’s a statement about the viability and necessity of chiropractic care in today’s landscape. With each new center, ChiroWay extends its reach, bringing salutogenic health care closer to communities across the region.

Looking ahead, ChiroWay has goals to serve more communities. Plans for further expansion within the year promise to extend the reach of ChiroWay’s affordable and accessible care model into more states.

Trapper Ward, DC, an ambitious franchisee nearing graduation from Northwestern Health Sciences University (NWHSU), shares his inspiring experience with ChiroWay. “I knew I wanted to own my own office but had no idea how I would even begin that process, and for that reason, the ChiroWay franchise model really appealed to me. The mentorship and teamwork I have experienced from every franchise member have been invaluable as I make my way through school. This mentorship and model have made me extremely confident in my ability to open up an office on day 1 after graduation. With the software systems, marketing, and office

plans laid out for me, I can focus on serving my clients, and it will give me a huge jump as I start my career. If you are a student and want to own your own office but don’t know where to begin or want to be part of a like-minded team with the same goals, like myself, ChiroWay is for you.” This firsthand account from Trapper underscores the comprehensive support and ready-to-go business model ChiroWay offers to its franchisees, paving the way for their success from the very first day.

Join Us in Celebration

As ChiroWay celebrates 14 years of dedication, growth, and community service, we invite you to join us in looking forward to a future where chiropractic care is within reach for all who seek it. Whether you are new to chiropractic or a long-time advocate, there has never been a better time to explore how ChiroWay can support your lifestyle through regular chiropractic care. We’re thrilled to extend an invitation to our community to visit ChiroWay’s Headquarters at 650 Commerce Dr. Ste. 155, Woodbury, MN 55125, during the special week of April 29 – May 3. This week marks a momentous celebration of 14 years in business— a testament to our dedication to chiropractic excellence and community well-being. Join us in commemorating this milestone, discover more about our unique approach to chiropractic care, and meet the team that makes it all possible.

We look forward to sharing this exciting time with you and exploring how we can support your well-being journey together. We stand today, grateful for the thousands of individuals who have walked through our doors, and energized by the opportunities that lie ahead. Here’s to many more years of growth, service, and quality of life transformations. Thank you for being a part of our journey.