This last week, ChiroWay of Duluth celebrated Client Appreciation Week! A week full of gratitude, refreshments, treats and giveaways, clients were celebrated all week long.

Owner and chiropractor Danielle Berger, DC, loved getting to say thank you to her clients and stated that some of the highlights of the week were, “Having clients stay for a few extra minutes after their adjustment to enjoy snacks, adding their fingerprint to our tree, and signing up for their chance to win a day at Adventure Zone – this added a lot of energy to our office.  Another fun experience was meeting new clients and letting them experience the high energy throughout the week.”

Danielle opened ChiroWay of Duluth in 2016 and has had a strong desire to serve the Northland and build community in her practice. We asked Danielle how she accomplishes this, and she said, “My current clients build the community at ChiroWay of Duluth as they share their experience with family and friends! It is so much fun when a client runs into their friend or relative while they’re in for an adjustment.”

As an added bonus to Client Appreciation Week at ChiroWay of Duluth, the news was shared that they had been named Best Chiropractic Office through the Duluth Tribune!

The Duluth Tribune’s Best of the Best Awards is an annual contest that requires the community to vote on which businesses are “the best” in hundreds of categories. This was the first year ChiroWay of Duluth has been nominated and voted “the Best” Chiropractic Office in the Twin Ports. “It is a huge honor and I feel so proud to have earned it!” Danielle Berger, DC, states.

What drives Danielle to success in business and providing excellent service? She says, “Being here for my clients and providing them with a really great service that they need and maintaining my reputation have been huge motivators for me. As I hear reviews and positive feedback from clients, I become more motivated to keep growing and becoming even better at what I do every day.”

Congratulations to Danielle Berger, DC, for being named the Best Chiropractic Office, and for a successful Client Appreciation Week!

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