Do chiropractic adjustments hurt?

When properly facilitated, chiropractic adjustments do not hurt.

Chiropractic adjustments may feel uncomfortable prior and during the process of the adjustment when pressure has built up within the misaligned spinal joint (vertebral subluxation).

After the initial compression or force has been applied to the subluxation, the most common result experienced is relief in decreased tension, pressure and overall ease. This positive experience after the adjustment has helped result in an estimated 35 million Americans annually receiving chiropractic care.*

Chiropractic adjustments restore proper relationship within the spinal joints due to misaligned vertebrae that can negatively affect the structural and functional state of the neurological system. The process from adjusting to a negative functional state to a positive functional state may not always feel comfortable, but the goal is to always promote more wellbeing with each adjustment.

The following can improve the outcome during and after your chiropractic adjustment:

  1. Qualify your chiropractor and their experience with performing chiropractic adjustments.
  2. During the consultation, initial exam and orientation to the practice, make sure you actively participate by providing the chiropractor with all relevant information and history of your current state of wellbeing.
  3. Be calm and relaxed during the chiropractic visit and adjustment. The less tension in your spinal tone, the more readily the adjustment can be facilitated.
  4. Listen to your chiropractor’s recommendations as they will create a plan to reduce the necessity of the chiropractic adjustment through consistent evaluations and checks for progress with care.

Considering chiropractic?

Schedule your first visit to consult with a chiropractor to help answer any question you have about the potential benefits that can be found within the chiropractic adjustment.


*Source: American Chiropractic Association