Did you know that regular chiropractic care can be a great priority to add to your children’s health care regime, starting as early as at birth? 

Nutrition, movement and rest all are necessities that the body requires to function in its normal state. As a parent, I monitor the food that my kids are eating, making sure they get enough movement, and I send them to bed early to get a good night’s sleep. 

But, did you know that the integrity of the spine directly influences your child’s neurological system, which is responsible for the coordination of digestion, movement, and even sleep? 

Your child’s spinal integrity is an integral part of the body that influences their ability to benefit from these necessities for optimal well-being.

It may be believed that when children have no signs of pain or symptoms, all is well in their body’s function and quality of life. The problem with symptoms is that they can be a poor yardstick to measure your child’s well-being.

Health can be defined as a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being, not just the absence of symptoms or disease. How well your child’s body is functioning is based on more than the absence of disease or symptoms. 

My professional opinion is to change our approach from defense to offense in the realm of children’s well-being.

A defensive approach to well-being is to wait until our physiology breaks down and impacts our daily life, then seek a course of action to correct the damage.

An offensive approach is not waiting until your child isn’t feeling good to invest into their well-being, but instead, making positive proactive choices that will increase their quality of life from the inside-out.  

This proactive method to investing in your child’s well-being can be in the form of nutrition, movement, sleep and professional health care choices, like wellness visits to your pediatrician, dentist and chiropractor. 

Achieving optimal well-being for children is an ongoing process, which means you must invest as much as what has been taken away: staying ahead of stress. 

It’s been said before and it can be said again, the secret to getting ahead is getting started!

A high priority investment that many parents share with their children, and an option for getting ahead, is doing something simple and effective for their well-being so you can stay ahead of the demands and stress that break down your child’s physiology.

Everyday your child’s body naturally heals and repairs itself for the overall ability to stay in a state of balance and well-being. The process of healing and regeneration of new cells and tissues is an amazing process and needs very little assistance for their overall ability to function in a state of well-being.

But all good things tend to have breaking points. 

Due to limitations of matter, your child’s body can only adapt and regenerate new healthy cells and tissues at a natural rate. If too much stress is put on their body, there will inevitably be a breaking point to the process of healing and restoration.

A specific chiropractic adjustment can help restore proper relationship within the joint and surrounding tissue. This can help reconnect and enhance the innate recuperative power of the body to heal itself due to the emphasis on the relationship between structure and function that is coordinated by the neurological system.

By making positive choices for your child’s well-being such as regular chiropractic care; , you can help them increase their overall well-being and adapt when they’re faced with stress and high demands such as going back to school, socializing with new friends, playing sports or sitting at the computer for several hours completing their distant learning requirements.

Play offense when it comes to your well-being by finding a chiropractor who can make the professional recommendations on how you and your children can benefit from raising your quality of life, one adjustment at a time! 

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Trent Scheidecker, DC


Trent Scheidecker, DC | ChiroWay of Woodbury | Owner & Chiropractor
Trent Scheidecker, DC frequently visited his chiropractor when he was in high school and knew the benefits he experienced were worth the time and investment to become a chiropractor. He wanted to help his community experience a higher quality of life through regular chiropractic care. In 2010 Trent founded ChiroWay in Woodbury and since that time has served over 3,000 clients. He has been named “Best of Woodbury” in Woodbury Magazine seven times. Trent has also mentored colleagues in practice and franchised ChiroWay in 2012. Today, there are 8 ChiroWay locations throughout Minnesota.