Understanding how stress can relate to the benefits your child may experience with chiropractic care can be looked at in reference with the three D’s: demands, danger and defense:

  • Stress is described as the body’s response to demands or potential danger.
  • When demands or potential dangers outweigh the body’s ability to adapt, the body responds through a defense mechanism called fight or flight.
  • If the invasive demands or potential dangers overcome the internal defense forces, vertebral subluxation can occur which creates an opportunity to benefit from chiropractic care.

Even children can experience the stress that can cause vertebral subluxation. Examples of the most common stressors that face today’s children can include:

  • Chemical stress with the food they eat
  • Emotional stress with pressure at school or home
  • Physical stress that can come from learning to walk, riding a bike, or the wear and tear through competitive sports.

By adding regular chiropractic care to your child’s health investment strategy, parents and adults can help increase the child’s overall well being and their internal defense forces against stress so they can live a higher quality of life.

Written by: Trent Scheidecker, DC | ChiroWay of Woodbury