The Chiropractic Standpoint


B.J. Palmer’s quote in his 1911 Green Book states “The Chiropractic Standpoint is the biggest movement that has ever been started in the history of the world.”  Our perception of our physiology and the world around us is influenced both by the way we understand something to be true and by what we choose [...]

The Chiropractic Standpoint2021-11-08T09:49:42-06:00

Impingement to Neurological Integrity


Using the tensegrity principles of spinal function, we can go even further with the concept of how tension relates to integrity and how a change in tension due to vertebral subluxation can affect function at the tissue level.  There are an estimated 70 trillion cells in the human body and throughout the entire body [...]

Impingement to Neurological Integrity2021-07-26T08:40:31-05:00

Why Spinal Function Matters


What matters most in life? If you search for it on the internet the top seven most important things in life include well-being. Well-being matters and, for most of us, we take it for granted until a part of it is lost and we’re unable to do what matters most to us during daily activities [...]

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What is Chiropractic?


What is Chiropractic? The Founder of Chiropractic was Daniel David Palmer. He was a magnetic healer by trade before facilitating the first ever “chiropractic adjustment” in 1895 in Davenport, Iowa. After the first adjustment by DD Palmer, he chose the name ‘Chiropractic’ for what had just occurred as it properly described the action that [...]

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Chiropractic Question: Do Adjustments Loosen Your Spine?


Today we’re going to discuss a common question within Chiropractic: Do Adjustments Loosen Your Spine? There is misconception about regular chiropractic adjustments loosening the spine, and it can be addressed if we focus on the purpose of the chiropractic adjustment. To understand the purpose of the adjustment, let’s first discuss the process of the [...]

Chiropractic Question: Do Adjustments Loosen Your Spine?2021-06-22T12:02:23-05:00

Brain-Body Communication: Safety Pin Cycle


Your spine consists of 24 spinal joints that house and protect the spinal cord and nerve roots.  Chiropractic is concerned with the integrity of those spinal joints so the housing and protection of the vital neurological communication can take place.  Neurological mental impulses travel from the brain tissue to the body and back again [...]

Brain-Body Communication: Safety Pin Cycle2020-07-20T08:45:33-05:00

Innate Awareness for Innate Needs


Becoming more aware of your body is a goal everyone should challenge themselves to. Within all of our body’s resides an inner recuperate power or innate intelligence that allows the 70 trillion cells to function together as one operating body. Becoming more aware of this inner intelligence at work can be an intention that [...]

Innate Awareness for Innate Needs2019-03-05T11:54:13-06:00

3 Tips to Turnaround Limiting Beliefs


We should all take care of ourselves like we take care of someone who isn’t well.For example, when your children are fighting the common cold or flu, you may not treat them like it’s a typical day at home. Instead, you may give them extra attention, extra love and even a treat here or there [...]

3 Tips to Turnaround Limiting Beliefs2019-02-27T16:50:10-06:00
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