ChiroWay: Serving Chiropractic Care since 2010


This week, ChiroWay celebrates 10 years of service since its founding. On May 1, 2010, Trent Scheidecker, DC opened the first ChiroWay in Woodbury, Minnesota with a vision of multiple ChiroWay Centers locally owned by Chiropractors who are passionate about providing regular chiropractic adjustments through affordable membership plans that allow you to benefit from [...]

ChiroWay: Serving Chiropractic Care since 20102020-06-18T17:57:20-05:00

ChiroWay of Menomonee Falls, Coming This Spring!


Have you heard the news? We are excited to announce that we are expanding our ChiroWay community with a center in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin! We're pleased to introduce Nick Lundbohm, DC, owner and chiropractor of ChiroWay of Menomonee Falls. The center is projected to open in Spring 2020. Nick Lundbohm, DC brings over 15 [...]

ChiroWay of Menomonee Falls, Coming This Spring!2020-06-18T17:57:20-05:00

Celebrating MN Chiro Kids Week


This week in the state of Minnesota, we celebrate Chiro Kids Week! This event is organized to help educate the community on the importance of children getting adjusted. Did you know that chiropractic adjustments can provide a safe and effective approach to raise the quality of life for infants, children and teenagers? You may [...]

Celebrating MN Chiro Kids Week2021-08-25T15:11:02-05:00

Celebrating World Spine Day


Today, we participate in the celebration of spinal health and wellbeing, worldwide! At ChiroWay, our mission is to open doors to the community that allow infants, children and adults the ability to experience regular chiropractic care. Each chiropractic adjustment you receive can help remove interference in the mental impulses traveling from your brain to [...]

Celebrating World Spine Day2020-06-18T17:57:22-05:00

ChiroWay of the Minneapolis Skyway Celebrates 4 Years in Business


This month, ChiroWay of the Minneapolis Skyway, owned and operated by Tom Stecker, DC, celebrates 4 years in business! 4 years ago, Tom decided to open his ChiroWay Center in the Minneapolis Skyway because he loved the energy of downtown. He saw the potential of all the downtown workers and residents who would benefit [...]

ChiroWay of the Minneapolis Skyway Celebrates 4 Years in Business2020-01-29T13:17:01-06:00

The Development of the Philosophy and Science of Chiropractic Adjustments


Chiropractic was founded in 1895, but history depicts that the investigation into the relationship between the spine and wellbeing has taken place for thousands of years. History shows that ancient Egyptian and Indian hieroglyphics focused on influencing spinal alignment to produce health outcomes through crude adjustments and even back walking.Hippocrates, a Greek physician who authored [...]

The Development of the Philosophy and Science of Chiropractic Adjustments2020-06-18T17:57:22-05:00

ChiroWay of Elk River Celebrates 3 Years


This week, ChiroWay of Elk River, owned and operated by Blake Bredeson, DC, celebrates 4 years in business serving the community regular chiropractic care. In 2015, Blake decided to open his own ChiroWay because of its simplicity. The practice model that ChiroWay provides is one that he saw himself utilizing for chiropractic care, as [...]

ChiroWay of Elk River Celebrates 3 Years2020-06-18T17:57:23-05:00

Celebrating ChiroWay Kids Day!


“Going to ChiroWay is always a positive experience for my daughter and me. We are greeted each time we visit with a warm smile. Having our subluxations taken care of by experienced chiropractors is important to me… Being able to stop by without an appointment is key for us with our ever changing schedules. [...]

Celebrating ChiroWay Kids Day!2020-06-18T17:57:23-05:00

Celebrating 9 Years of Service


“We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give.” - Winston Churchill Today, ChiroWay celebrates 9 years of serving communities regular chiropractic care! ChiroWay was founded on this day in 2010 by a Chiropractor with a vision of multiple ChiroWay Centers working together, locally owned by Chiropractors [...]

Celebrating 9 Years of Service2020-06-18T17:57:24-05:00

ChiroWay Franchise: Working Together


“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” -Henry Ford On Friday April 19th, 6 ChiroWay Franchisees had the opportunity to take their professional focus for providing regular chiropractic care to a higher quality of service by attending ChiroWay Franchise, LLC’s quarterly training session at ChiroWay of Elk River, owned [...]

ChiroWay Franchise: Working Together2020-06-18T17:57:24-05:00
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