Your adrenal glands are hormone producing organs that make chemicals that are vital to life, for example, adrenaline and steroids aldosterone and cortisol. The adrenal glands are located directly above your kidneys and have the purpose to produce chemicals that help regulate:

– Blood pressure and sugar levels
– Metabolism
– Reaction to stressors

Adrenaline affects your neurological system and is part of the fight or flight response. This sympathetic neurological response is activated when stress is high and or your body’s physical demands outweigh the rest and recovery necessary to for the parasympathetic neurological response to occur.

Cortisol increases blood glucose levels and is an antagonist against insulin so glucose stays in the blood and can be metabolized from stored fat for energy.

Aldosterone helps regulate sodium and potassium levels which helps control blood pressure and electrolytes in the blood.

These adrenal gland chemicals that play a vital role in your day to day function need to be at perfect balance and for the coordination of blood pressure, blood sugar levels and fight or flight response to occur. Your body’s innate intelligence utilizes the neurological system to communicate back and forth between the adrenal glands and brain for the right chemical to be produced at the right time with proper quantity.

The adrenal glands are neurologically connected to your spinal cord through nerves that exit out your spine at the T9, T10, T11 and T12 region. What’s the purpose of knowing that your nerves are connected to your adrenal glands? This knowledge of information can show how intricate and vital your neurological system is in day to day functions.

Your neurological system can affect the function of every part of the body by coordinating the tissues and organs the nerve is innervated with. The spinal bones house and protect the nerves traveling to your internal organs so the brain can properly coordinate function of the tissues and organs.

If spinal integrity is less than optimal, organs and tissues can be negatively affected. Dysfunction in the spine can affect the entire body’s wellbeing due to the following principle: In order for the whole to be 100%, the parts making up the whole need to be 100%.

Chiropractic can help facilitate your innate recuperate powers due to the relationship between structure and function that affect the neurological system’s ability to coordinate optimal wellbeing.

Choose regular chiropractic care as a positive impact on your wellbeing!