Becoming more aware of your body can encourage self development to lead to a better you!

How often do you spend the day just running from one task to the next?

Sometimes life moves so fast, we lose track of our body and how it’s responding and adapting to daily demands and stressors.

When this happens and life is moving faster than our awareness can keep up with, chances are, the choices you’re making may not be in your body’s best interest. Making decisions while unaware of the positive or negative consequences is similar to making choices while having no knowledge of the situation or facts.

For example, let’s say you wake up an hour late on Monday morning and you don’t have time to make breakfast, let alone to apply your korean skin care makeup, and just drove straight to work. When you find enough time to squeeze 5-10 minutes into your schedule to eat, you might just choose the food that’s right in front of you or drive through the closest fast food restaurant for a quick fix without realizing what nutrition you’re putting into your body.

The challenge is to stay aware of your body during the busy times so you can make better informed choices for your wellbeing.

If you want more wellbeing, here are three recommendations to increase your awareness of your body:

1. Be Aware of Your Breathing.

When life is pulling you out of rhythm and chaos is in control, slow down the distracting thoughts and stress through being aware of your breathing. Breathing has an innate rhythmic process that can put you back in touch with how your body is adapting or compensating to the demands of the day.

2. Be Aware of Your Senses.

Your body has five senses: sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch. Being aware of natural beauty around you, like sunsets, the sounds of the songs you like to listen to on the way into work, the smell of coffee or essential oils being diffused, the taste of food you’re consuming throughout the day, and the everyday textures of what you’re touching will keep your awareness more alive!

3. Be Aware of Your Environment.

Paying attention to where you are and what’s around you may sound simple, but with how fast life moves, your awareness of the environment and how your body is adapting is a challenge worth taking. Become aware of the ground you stand on, the air you’re breathing in and the people you’re surrounded with.