This week, St. Paul Skyway Chiropractor Mike Madison, DC, celebrates 9 years in business serving regular chiropractic care at ChiroWay.

ChiroWay of the St. Paul Skyway was the first franchise center to open its doors in 2012.

Owner and chiropractor Mike Madison, DC has built relationships with members of his office over the years and has had the opportunity to grow with them, in events like promotions, weddings, retirement, and helping them to achieve “a higher level of satisfaction in life due to the benefits regular chiropractic can bring.”

Following graduation from Northwestern Health Sciences University, Mike did an internship at a chiropractic center on the west coast. He then decided it was time to come back to Minnesota, where he practiced in the Twin Cities. It was during this time that he found ChiroWay. Mike is proud to provide chiropractic care in the St. Paul Skyway.

ChiroWay offers convenient, affordable and locally owned chiropractic care with membership pricing and no appointments needed. ChiroWay strives to make it easy and convenient to fit chiropractic care into the busy lifestyles of individuals and families.

In the words of Mike Madison, DC, ChiroWay is “how I would want my family to be seen and adjusted; in a relaxed atmosphere where they can get in on their own schedule, and it permits them to be seen regularly and to develop a relationship with their chiropractor.”

Congratulations to Mike Madison, DC, on all you’ve accomplished the last 9 years! We wish you continued success in the years to come.