This month, ChiroWay of the St. Paul Skyway, owned and operated by Mike Madison, DC, celebrates 6 years in business.

Over the years, Mike has focused on giving his clients the best experience possible. Mike states, “I understand that I’m helping people who are trying to live a higher quality life, and the more I can know about them and their habits, the better I can help them reach their goals. I’m adjusting people with spines, not spines that happen to have people attached.”

The second ChiroWay location to open, ChiroWay of the St. Paul Skyway opened its doors in June 2012. Mike Madison, DC decided to open a ChiroWay Center because it matched how he would want his own family to be seen and adjusted. The atmosphere ChiroWay creates is one where the client can “get in on their own schedule, and it permits them to be seen regularly and to develop a relationship with their chiropractor,” Mike states.

That is exactly what Mike has done over the years at his practice: adjusting community members, helping his clients live a higher quality life, and developing relationships with them. He states, “The biggest highlights of the last 6 years have been celebrating wins with my clients in their personal and professional lives. Promotions, weddings, children, retirement, as well as achieving a higher level of satisfaction in life due to the reported benefits from regular chiropractic adjustments can bring: stronger immunity more energy, better movement, and an overall higher quality of life.”

What does the future hold for ChiroWay of the St. Paul Skyway? “To continue to create a culture downtown where people know that our doors are open so they can continue to utilize regular chiropractic adjustments as a healthy habit, so they can keep their evenings and weekends free. To reach my vision of serving more downtown community members I also foresee multiple satellite locations in busy office buildings so businesses can have direct access to regular chiropractic care on site from a ChiroWay Center,” Mike states.

Congratulations Mike Madison, DC, on all you’ve accomplished in the last 6 years. We wish you continued growth and success in the years to come!

ChiroWay provides regular chiropractic care to the St. Paul Skyway in a convenient and affordable membership model. Interested in learning more about our services? Visit to check out membership plan details and location specifics for ChiroWay of the St. Paul Skyway.

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