Double Down on Consistency


If you had to choose between investing into your wellbeing bit by bit, over time, for many years; or, not taking care of yourself for many years, leading to spending more time and money in a short amount of time to make up for lost investment opportunity, which option would you choose? If you [...]

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The Law of Supply and Demand in Regards to Wellbeing


Sick and tired of being sick and tired? Not enjoying the way your body is functioning?If you don’t like how your quality of life is working, look at the laws that influence the outcome in order to create change. Our life is full of laws that govern the way in which things work. For example, the [...]

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Dependable Direction Towards Higher Quality Days


Life is busy and it can be easy to to take for granted the the habits we depend on and do on a regular basis. We don’t even think about them until they become difficult or aren’t as accessible to us. These habits could be things like… Getting dressed in the morning Going from [...]

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How Long Can It Take to Benefit From Regular Chiropractic Care?


Chiropractic can be defined as the philosophy, science and art of adjusting abnormal articulations of the spinal column (vertebral subluxation) for the purpose of giving freedom of action to impingement of the neurological system that may cause deranged function. Chiropractic emphasizes the relationship between structure and function as coordinated by the neurological system and [...]

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Can Regular Chiropractic Adjustments Loosen Your Spine?


There is misconception about regular chiropractic adjustments loosening the spine and it can be addressed if we focus on the purpose of the chiropractic adjustment. Let’s discuss the process of the chiropractic adjustment to understand the purpose of the adjustment. Chiropractors locate and facilitate the correction of spinal joints termed vertebral subluxation that have [...]

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Experience Creates a Health of Knowledge


In the search for your highest quality of life, gaining a wealth of knowledge on wellbeing, physiology and health can allow you to make more accurate predictions on what the future may hold. President Abraham Lincoln is credited for saying “The best way to predict the future is to create it.” Creating the future [...]

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Your Amazing Ability to Self-Heal


Within your amazing body is the ability to self-heal. Everyone’s cut their finger before, put a bandage on and in no time the cut is healed up and replaced with normal skin. That same self-healing ability that healed the cut on your finger is within every cell in your body! Cells are the smallest [...]

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Why Stress Can Be Good For Your Wellbeing


Regardless of what your current state of wellbeing is right now, you have two approaches toward its state tomorrow: you can choose the victor or victimhood route. Life constantly throws difficulties towards us, so whether you’re fighting a cold today or you’re trying to lose weight, you have the power to choose the route [...]

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Regular Chiropractic Made Simple, Even Your Kids Can Do It!


Did you know that children have been receiving chiropractic care for over 100 years? Ever since chiropractic was developed in 1895, families have been bringing their children to the chiropractor for chiropractic adjustments. In 1895, there was a philosophy, science and art established by DD Palmer and his son B.J. Palmer for the purpose [...]

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