Stressors Children May Experience


Children encounter obstacles and stress in their lives on a daily basis. Chiropractic recognizes three categories of stress that can affect your children at a young age: physical, emotional and chemical. Here are a few examples: Physical Stress: Constant physical demands can create a negative compound effect on your wellbeing. Waking up in time [...]

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Leaky Bucket


Imagine your body like a bucket: everyone has different bodies with a variety of shapes, sizes and capacity. Your wellbeing is housed inside your bucket. Your body can stay full of wellbeing with both inborn recuperative powers, and the positive choices you make. These factors can be viewed in the form of a faucet that [...]

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Expecting Mother’s Wellbeing Influences Baby’s Neurological System!


Did you know, an expecting mother’s wellbeing can influence the development of baby’s neurological system? This influence can be positive or negative. If mother has chemical stressors in her lifestyle such as drinking, smoking or even the flu, baby’s neurological system can be negatively impacted. If mother makes healthy lifestyle choices like good nutrition, exercise [...]

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Your Best Year Yet


Another year, another chance to list out your goals and what you want to achieve in the next 12 months. This is your fresh start, your time to try something new or get back to where you once were. But what if this year, instead of focusing on changing ourselves, we focus on sharing what [...]

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Cultivating a Higher Quality of Life for Children


When gardening, it’s important to remove weeds and water the soil throughout the growth process to help cultivate healthy environment so the plant can develop to be strong and vibrant. This is similar to the premise behind regular chiropractic care for your child. By removing vertebral subluxation at a young age, it can promote optimal [...]

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Boost Your Baby’s Potential with Chiropractic Care


Being pregnant comes with many stressors: what foods you can or cannot eat, what exercise is safe, and all the mental stress of whether your baby is healthy and if the stages of weaning of your infant would proceed as planned. All of this stress is common, but it can affect your baby in [...]

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Children, Stress and Chiropractic Care


Understanding how stress can relate to the benefits your child may experience with chiropractic care can be looked at in reference with the three D’s: demands, danger and defense: Stress is described as the body’s response to demands or potential danger. When demands or potential dangers outweigh the body’s ability to adapt, the body responds [...]

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Is Chiropractic Effective for Children?


At ChiroWay, our mission is to provide care that invests in the next generation. Chiropractic is effective for children and here is the rationale for why: Children have been receiving chiropractic care for the past 100 years. About 30% of clients served at ChiroWay are under the age of 18. Chiropractic adjustments for children are [...]

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5 Reasons To Allow Your Child to Experience Regular Chiropractic Care


The chiropractic objective to correct vertebral subluxation and promote a higher quality of life applies no matter your age. What are 5 of the reasons to choose chiropractic for your children? A cause to a lack of your child’s well-being is when their body is not functioning properly. There is an inborn principle of coordination within your [...]

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Why Choose Chiropractic for Children?


Stress starts young and compounds over years of living. From the moment we are born, we are forced to adapt and combat the daily stressors that come our way. Children experience stress in various forms throughout all phases of life, whether that be learning to walk, or even playing sports. Subtle stress that affects us [...]

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