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Your Bridge to Wellbeing


“Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.” —Jim Rohn What are your goals for your quality of life? Do you want to live until you’re 99? Do you want to run a marathon? Do you want to be able to play with your grandchildren, be able to pick them up and play sports with [...]

Your Bridge to Wellbeing2019-03-26T11:41:45-05:00

Vertebral Subluxation: How does it interfere?


What does subluxation interfere with? A common answer is that it interferes with your nerves! Interference with the nerves is correct, but do you know what’s inside those nerves that can be affected by vertebral subluxation? The practice of chiropractic has a focus on the relationship between structure and function: the structure of the [...]

Vertebral Subluxation: How does it interfere?2019-03-12T11:04:07-05:00

Are You Harvesting the Most from Your Health?


Do you have habits that keep you energized and performing at your peak potential? By caring for our bodies and minds, we are able to thrive and reap plentiful life benefits. Follow the link below to take our Wellbeing Self-Check quiz! This questionnaire may help you identify areas in your life that you you can [...]

Are You Harvesting the Most from Your Health?2018-10-25T09:49:00-05:00

ChiroWay of the Minneapolis Skyway Celebrates 3 Years


Today, ChiroWay of the Minneapolis Skyway, owned and operated by Tom Stecker, DC, celebrates 3 years in business! 3 years ago, Tom decided to open his ChiroWay Center in the Minneapolis Skyway because he fell in love with the energy of downtown. He saw the potential of all the downtown workers and residents who would [...]

ChiroWay of the Minneapolis Skyway Celebrates 3 Years2018-10-16T09:54:10-05:00

Quality of Life Route of Responsibility


“We can show up as victims or we can show up as leaders.” —Robin Sharma Regardless of where you are right now with your quality of life, you have two approaches to go through life: you can choose the leadership route or victimhood. Life constantly throws difficulties towards us, so whether you’re fighting a cold [...]

Quality of Life Route of Responsibility2018-10-10T10:40:48-05:00

You Have Self-Healing Characteristics Inside You


Your body naturally repairs and heals itself through the power and influence of your neurological system. So how can you prove this innate characteristic? One way is looking at the placebo and nocebo effect. The placebo effect is proof that the body has innate healing characteristics. The placebo effect is defined as “a beneficial effect [...]

You Have Self-Healing Characteristics Inside You2018-10-10T10:35:11-05:00

The Chiropractic Chronicle


The history of Chiropractic has been documented, including where the word ‘Chiropractic’ originated. The Founder of Chiropractic was Daniel David Palmer. He was a magnetic healer by trade before facilitating the first ever “chiropractic adjustment” in 1895 in Davenport, Iowa. After the first adjustment by DD Palmer, he chose the name ‘Chiropractic’ for what [...]

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Patience, Persistence and Passion


“Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience.” —Ralph Waldo Emerson Too often we want what we want now. No time for it tomorrow, we want it today. In regards to your wellbeing, patience, persistence and passion can be a great strategy towards investing into yourself. Being patient with more wellbeing means you take [...]

Patience, Persistence and Passion2018-09-25T13:36:06-05:00

ChiroWay of North St. Paul Coming Soon!


Have you heard about our new ChiroWay location opening this fall? We are excited to expand our ChiroWay community with a center in North St. Paul, Minnesota! Mike Madison, DC, joined ChiroWay Franchise in 2012 as owner and chiropractor of ChiroWay of the St. Paul Skyway. ChiroWay of North St. Paul will be Mike’s [...]

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