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ChiroWay of Monticello Turns 2!


ChiroWay of Monticello is celebrating 2 years in business! Thank you to all of our clients and the community for your support in making this possible. Congratulations to Kaley Jacobsson, DC, on all you’ve accomplished in the last couple years. We wish you much success in the future!

ChiroWay of Monticello Turns 2!2017-08-21T09:47:34-05:00

Cultivating a Higher Quality of Life for Children


When gardening, it’s important to remove weeds and water the soil throughout the growth process to help cultivate healthy environment so the plant can develop to be strong and vibrant. This is similar to the premise behind regular chiropractic care for your child. By removing vertebral subluxation at a young age, it can promote optimal [...]

Cultivating a Higher Quality of Life for Children2017-08-18T08:25:29-05:00

Boost Your Baby’s Potential with Chiropractic Care


Being pregnant comes with many stressors: what foods you can or cannot eat, what exercise is safe, and all the mental stress of whether your baby is healthy and delivery will go smoothly. All of this stress is common, but it can affect your baby in a negative way when the stress outweighs yours or [...]

Boost Your Baby’s Potential with Chiropractic Care2017-08-10T15:50:34-05:00

Children, Stress and Chiropractic Care


Understanding how stress can relate to the benefits your child may experience with chiropractic care can be looked at in reference with the three D’s: demands, danger and defense: Stress is described as the body’s response to demands or potential danger. When demands or potential dangers outweigh the body’s ability to adapt, the body responds [...]

Children, Stress and Chiropractic Care2017-08-07T08:41:30-05:00