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An Edge on the Competition


It is common to see advertisements that feature professional athletes promoting their favorite brands. But, as viewers, we can discern that the laundry detergent we use or the shirt we wear does not make us a better athlete, or bring our body's function to the next level. Many of the famous athletes we see are [...]

An Edge on the Competition2017-01-09T10:08:16-05:00

Will I Always Need Chiropractic Care?


The short answer is no, but the long answer starts with yes! We encounter stress in our lives everyday that causes subluxation in our spine. Vertebral subluxation decreases the communication, function, and performance within our bodies. By routinely visiting your chiropractor, you can remove these barriers and allow your body to express itself fully, like [...]

Will I Always Need Chiropractic Care?2017-01-03T15:08:26-05:00