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Out of Balance?

When looking inward at your own unique and ever changing body, the question arises, what keeps your body in balance? What keeps your 50 trillion or so cells working together to make up what and who we are? The answer lies in the forces of life, the forces of intelligence found within your body, the forces that keep your body strong, healthy, and enable you to adapt to your environment.

These life forces shift out of balance when vertebral subluxation occurs in your spine/nerve system from the invasive stresses of life. These subluxations can result in a less than full expression of life forces to keep your body functioning at its potential.

Chiropractic adjustments remove vertebral subluxation, restore vital life forces, and promote a fuller expression of life so that you may function at your very best. That is why ChiroWay is focused on improving this life force affordably and conveniently: to help bring life back into balance one adjustment at a time.

Written by: Lance Baumgard, DC | ChiroWay of Blaine

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